Quote database

Funny, biting, stale but suggesting something sort of new, dry as desert, thought-provoking, technical, down to highly, er, suggestive.
After dealing with a bunch of large files and unhandy javascript, I put my quotes into a database, then made a webpage around it to be able to search in it, and it shares rather easily this way.


Most likely you'll want to click 'random quote' above until you're bored. Note that random means random, so seeing a quote twice doesn't mean you've gone through the list. That'll take a while, in fact, as there are about 2800 quotes in here.

There is some simple search functionality that enables you to search in the quotes, authors and sources, but if you're doing searches that are no fun, I'll... Something. Also, there's a list of the more frequent authors in the 'index'. Names there and elsewhere are clickable and cause searches.

You can submit quotes to a list of suggestions that I moderate (I use this to filter my own additions, mostly). Oh, most of the time names and sources are clickable for more of the same. It's not too smart (searches for the words involved), but it basically does what you want.